Alert! This Security Gap Can Threaten Millions of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

A study conducted by the NowSecure company in Chicago on the security gap of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone turned out to get surprising results. Six hundred million Samsung Galaxy devices have bugs in the swift keyboard. This bug makes hackers free to control user networks through the arbitrary code on the smartphone. In the meantime, you may also want to take a look at the recommended fido multi factor authentication system.

Mechanism of Attacking Hackers Through Swift Keyboard

Swift keyboard is one feature that cannot be uninstalled from a Samsung Galaxy device. Some of the functions of a smartphone that can be accessed via a swift keyboard are vulnerable vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. The hacker could have included malware on a smartphone through a security gap on the swift keyboard.

Furthermore, Malware that has been entered into our favorite Samsung Galaxy smartphone can access the camera, GPS, tap phone calls and messages, change the use of the application and even steal photos and text messages that we have. This is certainly very dangerous and makes our data on smartphones vulnerable to being stolen and used for misused purposes.

Anticipating Security Gap

In order to anticipate the security loopholes found on Samsung Galaxy, the NowSecure company has notified Samsung of the danger since December 2014. And as one of its anticipatory steps, Samsung has begun providing operator patches to protect its network since early 2015. However, the patch operators have not certainly can protect all users of the Samsung Galaxy, which amounts to hundreds of millions and spread in various parts of the world.

Take Other Actions to Minimize Data Theft

Because the swift keyboard is permanent on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, then one way to anticipate data theft through security gaps is to pay attention to the use of Wi-Fi networks. We should avoid using Wi-Fi networks in public places with network resources that cannot be guaranteed.

Other gaps can occur because the swift key has the ability to predict words and language updates. So that the language update process should be avoided before Samsung managed to cover the security gap in the Samsung Galaxy series.

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