Besides Ceramics. This is the type of floor that you can use

The creation of a comfortable dwelling certainly involves a series of processes that are not easy. The choice of style, color determination, budget, and other crucial decisions for the house. One example is the selection of the type of floor to cover the ground. If you are a fan of classic style houses, then you will definitely like the design of tile floors. The design of the tile floor also usually presents a variety of ethnic patterns so that it is easy to find the right one for your taste. In addition, the design of the tile floor displays shade with a cool surface when stepped on, so it is very well applied to the living room. The treatment of tile floors is quite easy, you just need to mop it and don’t get hit by acidic liquid because it will be difficult to clean. For that, you need professional workers. As one of the most popular types of floor designs, granite floor designs do look luxurious because they are shinier. Granite floors have a texture that is denser than marble so it is suitable for areas exposed to lots of water such as bathrooms. Granite floors are also easier to clean. In addition, the granite floor is also harder so it is not easy to scratch. Most granite floor designs also feature soft colors and firm motives so the floor design looks elegant.

The rustic-style room is perfect if combined with the travertine floor design. This floor design that has sand colors has a natural aesthetic with a cracked texture. This first-floor design is unique because fraction lines are not patterned, so beautiful like this is worthy of being presented in the living room. The design of the travertine floor tends to be porous, so it must be cleaned frequently so that dirt does not settle. Maybe you also call PVC as vinyl. Made from a mixture of stone salt, lime, and limestone, the design of vinyl flooring can appear in many colors and patterns. You can definitely find a PVC floor design that matches your taste. The advantages of PVC floor design are easy to apply, quite strong, prices are relatively cheap, even waterproof. PVC floor design also dampens vibrations so it is not noisy when stepped on. The linoleum floor design is made of natural ingredients so that it is suitable to be installed in the family room because it does not cause allergies. Linoleum floor designs are also available in various colors and are not slippery so they do not harm children. Linoleum floor design is also easy to clean, to make it more durable using anti-abrasion coatings. This coating prevents linoleum from being porous because of water.

If you want a masculine and firm floor design, the design of the concrete floor can be your choice. Concrete floor design is also suitable to be applied to contemporary style houses. You can also choose the finish that is matte or glossy according to your taste and the impression you want to show. In addition, you can pour creativity by choosing your own mix of colors and patterns on the concrete floor design. Besides being sturdy, the concrete floor is easy to maintain.

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