Early Handling When Gas Cylinder Leaks

Gas cylinder leaks are one of the causes of fires that often occur. In fact, handling a fire caused by a gas cylinder leak is not too difficult. The initial capital that must be possessed is calm. Gas tube leaks are usually known because they cause a smell that smells. If you run out of gas, you can visit our website to fill propane tanks near me.

When it smells of gas, we are not allowed to make electrical contracts such as turning on the lights through contact. Because electrical contact can be a trigger for the appearance of fire. Never turn on the electrical outlet. If you die again, let it die. Don’t turn it on. Because electrical contacts can trigger gas that is already in the room. So, immediately pull out the regulator.

Meanwhile, if a fire has appeared, what you need to do is prepare a sack, towel sheets or other cloth that has been moistened with water. The cloth is then used to close the hotspot.

Just like how to handle it if it only smells of gas. Handling fires if the fire is on is not panic and pull out the regulator in the gas cylinder. But if a fire has occurred, it will not explode (gas cylinder). If the fire is already on, cover with sacks, sheets or cloth that has been moistened with water. Then remove the regulator to unplug the gas.

Blackout using one finger can indeed be done. However, this is not recommended because the conditions in the field can be different. Handling using the thumb is actually the wrong way. for example, a leak is in the hose, on the regulator, and on the stove. How do we want to close with a thumbs up? If you use a thumb it can indeed be extinguished. It’s just not a good way. That’s what we do to get rid of fear, and show gas cylinders exploding to pieces.

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