Effects of Playing Golf for Health

During this time golf is known as a sport for refreshing not as a sport that is devoted to health especially for losing weight. Understandably, this sport is different from running, swimming and other sports that aim to burn calories. So, can golf reduce weight and benefit health? For more details, refer to the following review. In the meantime, you might also want to try the recommended high-class bangkok golf course if you have a plan to visit Thailand in the near future.

Playing golf is not too much influence on body mass index. However, golf can increase life expectancy. According to studies conducted in America and Sweden, golf players generally have a longer life expectancy than their non-golfer counterparts.

In its development, golf is believed to be able to increase the life expectancy of golfers up to five years. This is due to reduced stress, being able to meet new people or feeling happy each time meeting new challenges on a different golf course.

The game of golf is a casual sport but also demands the ingenuity of golfers to be able to complete one round of the game perfectly. Inevitably golfers must learn new tricks and find new ways when facing challenges in the field.

Playing golf for 150 minutes in moderate intensity in a week is also thought to be able to keep golfers away from chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, colon cancer and breast cancer.

So, it can be concluded that golf is not the right exercise choice if you want to lose weight significantly. However, you can still burn lots of calories while playing golf intensely every week and refuse to use golf carts when completing the game.

Although golf may not seem as heavy as other types of sports, it’s still forcing the players to move around quite a bit. Furthermore, if the players choose not to ride on a golf cart, they will be able to burn more calories and fat by walking around the golf course from hole to hole, as long as they don’t push themselves too far from their limit.

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