Few Things You Should Consider When Choosing Condo Unit

Well, if you plan to have ownership of vertical housing even when choosing the Antares , you might consider a few things, including:


Living in life, many of us prefer to be free when we go home after a day at work. However, the rules that are being discussed are more regulated in high-profile residential properties such as condominiums. A management body is set up in each of these types of residences to ensure that the building’s condition is maintained and residents are comfortable. However, there are regulations applicable to every resident of the condominium. This is an important thing to know and understand before you go for the Antares.

For landed houses, you are free to do any activity such as painting a home according to your choice, having a site for gardening activities and thank you, you do not have to follow any set rules (only regulations and laws set by the Malaysian government). You also have a front porch where you can park and for condominiums, your vehicle is usually parked in a parking lot apart from a residential unit. However, the basic rule of life is still to be practiced whether it has a landed house or a condominium like the Antares, the respect of neighbors.

Facilities Provided

When talking about the facilities provided by a property, the condominium option remains a choice of hearts. With facilities such as the swimming pool, convenience store, gym, laundry center, multipurpose hall and much more make it easy for its residents. Do you want to keep the Antares as your choice?

If you do not have time to buy dinner after a day at work or want to buy kitchen necessities to cook favorite foods; You do not have to worry about it. Facilities such as food cafe and convenience store are available to assist you. Not enough time to find a wedding venue, you can consider a multipurpose hall that provides rental services.

Each of these facilities should be kept to a minimum and be ready for use by every occupant. Therefore, you will be charged a monthly maintenance and service fee to keep the facility available. You may not use the facilities but you will still have to pay accordingly as a condominium owner.

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