Source of Problems When Work Stress

Being stressed at work is unavoidable for professional workers. But if left unchecked, according to ayahuasca this condition can have a big influence on the quality of work to affect your quality of life, you know, Colleagues. In fact, work stress can cause nerve disorders, cause insomnia, and contribute to health problems such as heart disease and depression. Of course, you don’t want this to happen right? So for that, you should be able to immediately find the source of stress problems to help you fight it. This type of work known as “high demand, low control” can cause psychological distress, said Peter L. Schnall, MD, a job stress expert from the University of California. Solutions to deal with stress due to this kind of work style can be overcome by being more involved in decision making.

Have you worked very hard, but feel that you don’t receive credit or compensation that is commensurate? Even though there have been a lot of effort and sacrifices, even sweat and tears that you have done for your boss, but you have not received a salary increase, promotion, or even more recognition from your boss. All the work you have done just makes your boss look better in front of the leader. This condition of “labor-imbalance” can trigger stress in them, especially people who are so eager to pursue recognition in the office. To overcome this one source of stress, you can try to discuss your career goals with your boss going forward. Maybe you will not get the desired reward in the near future. However, you can get an idea of ??how to improve yourself and manage your career strategy in the future.

Baseless and arbitrary management decisions, employees who are treated like children, or unfair behavior from superiors can be a source of stress in their work. Workplaces that have no respect for employees, or are not transparent also tend to make employees depressed.

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