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Know these useful tips before you choose your kitchen floor

Wood can be the most suitable material for all interior styles. This material can also bring a comfortable and warm atmosphere in your cooking area. But not all wood floors are designed to be resistant to humid environments and tend to be a high temperature. Water that permeates wood can make it decay quickly. If you want to use wood floors in the kitchen area, the selected material must be of high quality. In addition, wood floors require regular maintenance. In the meantime, perhaps you need to know more about the recommended http://ultrabritecarpettilecleaning.com if you want to clean your tiles by hiring the experienced and licensed experts.


Vinyl (PVC) became known in the 1930s as an affordable material for bathroom and kitchen floors. Vinyl floors are easy to clean, can last up to 20 years since they were first installed. This material is also smooth as ceramic and is the most waterproof material. In addition, the process of installing vinyl floors is not too complicated. The drawback, vinyl flooring can trigger allergies and asthma during the installation process. Vinyl is made from materials that cannot be broken down by natural processes and are not renewable. Vulnerable damage occurs when vinyl floors rub against objects from certain materials, especially rubber.

Cement or concrete

This is the most affordable flooring material, consisting only of cement, sand, and/or concrete. This type of floor is also the strongest among other types of floors. If you are tired of looking at gray on the kitchen floor, just coat it with other ingredients such as ceramics or vinyl. In order for the cement floor to be shiny like tile floors, we can apply simple methods and do not eat costs. Some suggest regularly coating cement floor with coconut oil and grated coconut, kerosene, sawdust, or wax.


Laminate floors are available in various styles. Your kitchen can look like a wooden floor at a price that is much cheaper than real wood floors. However, its durability is also far below the wooden floor.

Professional assistance

Still confused about which material is the best for your kitchen floor? Our professionals will give advice according to the budget and style of your home.

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