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How to Choose the Wifi Extender Based on Your Needs

Are you seeking best wifi extender for FiOs? The wifi range extender is a special device or hardware that physically looks like a normal wifi access point, there is an antenna as well and there is an Ethernet plug. Can the Wifi range extender be used as a wifi client? Yes, because the Wifi range extender is equipped with a data cable connection. So the Wifi range extender can only function as a client via a cable connection instead of a wireless connection. If you want to know whether the Wifi range extender can function as a Wifi router, you might be able to check the product specifications of the Wifi range extender offered. Well, so far there has been no product that offers three functions, namely as a Wifi access point and AP router and as a Wifi range extender in the same hardware device.

Wifi range extender can be used to strengthen wifi signals in places that are difficult to reach by access point signals, such as in a corner of a house, in a thick-walled room or a room that is blocked by layers of walls. The most ideal position to place the Wifi range extender is between a Wifi Access Point router or AP with a wifi client that cannot receive signals. The following are the tips on how to choose the wifi extender that meets your needs.

If your laptop or computer is unable to connect Wifi because of limited hardware installed, then you must buy a WiFi Adapter device so that your computer can connect to the network without having to use a cable.

– You want to build a network of computers without cables and you want to directly share an internet connection that is connected via a USB modem on a WiFi device. Then all you need is a Wifi router device.

– If you already have a computer network using cable media and you want to increase the capacity of the computer network without bothering to install the cable, then all you need is to just use the Wifi Access point.

– If you already have a wifi network but the range is not so maximal then all you need is a wifi range extender so that its reach becomes more distant and maximum.