Tips for Drinking Coffee That Safely Make Stomach If You Have an Ulcer

You who have an ulcer are actually not recommended to drink coffee because the caffeine content can increase stomach acid production. Excessive caffeine intake can also loosen the esophageal muscles and irritate the stomach wall, making symptoms of the stomach easy to recur. But what if you are a lover? It’s hard to resist the desire to drink coffee but doubts because you have a stomach? Occasionally satisfying coffee cravings is not really a problem. Not all coffee is the same. Depending on the method of processing, there are coffee beans that contain less caffeine and have a less acidic taste. Launching the Very Well Family page, the longer the coffee beans are roasted, the more acidic the taste will be, the higher the caffeine content and the more black the color will be. That’s why you should choose Arabica coffee which tastes a little sweet and soft. The caffeine content is also only about 1.2% compared to Robusta coffee with caffeine reaching 2.2 percent.

Alternatively, choose coffee drinks (from Arabica seeds) which are processed with the cold brew technique. The cold brew technique will produce concentrated coffee concentrates but the taste is sweeter and lower in caffeine. The acidity of cold brew coffee is higher (pH 6.31) than black coffee brewed with hot water (pH 5.48). On a pH scale, the smaller the number the more acidic the substance is. If you prefer hot coffee, choose a dark roast and fermentation steaming technique. Both types of coffee contain compounds that are safer so they are not too risky to increase stomach acid. Milk is one drink that is good for people with ulcers or stomach acid. That is why concocting coffee using milk can be a safer alternative to prevent stomach ulcers. With a note, choose low-fat milk (skim milk) and make sure that you don’t have cow’s milk allergy. High-fat content in full cream milk or whole milk can loosen the lower esophageal muscle ring.

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