Tips & Tricks for Durable Washing Machines

Washing work is often the enemy of mothers. For this reason, washing machines are considered as friends who can alleviate this work. Of course, the washing machine also requires maintenance to prevent it from being damaged quickly. Isn’t it true that the washing machine is damaged, too, who will be exposed to additional hassles? Damage to the washing machine can be due to the wrong use or lack of maintenance. The following are some tips and tricks for using and maintaining your mother’s washing machine to last longer. Meanwhile, if you’ve got a business which requires washing a lot of clothes, we recommend you to use the lavadora industrial.

Washing Machine Placement

Make sure the location where you put the washing machine is not moist.

Make sure the surface of the washing machine is flat.

Make sure the vents on the washing machine are not closed so that the washing machine temperature remains stable during work.

Make sure there is room on the sides of the back and side of the washing machine, do not close the machine to the wall.

Avoid washing machines from direct sunlight.

Place the machine in a place far from where the child is playing.

Use of washing machines

Use the amount of water and detergent according to the instructions for use.

Avoid entering laundry more than it should, because it can damage the engine drive motor. Washing far less than the engine capacity is also not recommended.

Avoid opening doors or inserting objects into the machine when the engine is working.

If the timer on the machine is still in the rotation, remember to always play it to the right.

Do not spray water on the control panel.

Washing Machine Care

Always clean the washing machine from leftover detergent, softener, or bleach with a soft cloth.

Clean the part that is watered regularly to prevent moss.

Clean the inside of the machine with chlorine-mixed detergent and turn on the engine until one round of washing is complete.

Washing machine filters should be cleaned at least 1 time a week.

Always turn off the engine and unplug it from the socket after the machine has been used.

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