Which is Better for Health, Fan or AC?

Hot air makes your body uncomfortable. Fans and Air conditioner are the right solutions to get rid of this heat. Fans have prices that are relatively cheaper than air conditioners. However, is it better for fans or air conditioners for health? Air conditioning or air conditioning can help your body fresher even though the outside environment is hot. AC has the ability to cool air compared to fans.

Therefore, air conditioning makes the body more comfortable to move, and low temperatures in air-conditioned rooms can reduce the presence of insects. Usually, air-conditioned rooms will be closed, so they are less exposed to pollution. This is different from the room containing a fan. A fan tends to provide only wind flow. If the air is hot, it will still feel. A common problem with air conditioners is that the air circulation is always the same around the room. This means that if someone coughs or sneezes, the germs will stay in the air and spin around the room throughout the day.

Unlike a fan that does not use air circulation in one place. Using a fan can be done in a room that is not closed, so this allows for better air circulation compared to air conditioning. AC can also affect the humidity of the room. The air-conditioned room will make the air drier. As a result, the skin becomes easier to dry when you use air conditioning. Of course the long and often you spend time in an air-conditioned room, the skin will dry out because of the loss of moisture. In an air-conditioned room, it can actually make the body dehydrated without realizing it. This is quite dangerous if you rarely drink in an air-conditioned room. The air in the cool air conditioner does not sweat the body and forgets to drink, even though the body’s sweat evaporates faster without realizing it. Not only that, but you also pee more often in air-conditioned rooms, right?

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